Home Renovation Checklist

Renovating can improve the value of your property and the quality of your life, but the
key to a successful home renovation project is in the planning. Use the Home Renovation
Checklist to help keep your next project on track.

Getting started
– Once you’ve decided on a particular project, read books, magazines, and catalogues for ideas. Visit showrooms, open houses and shop around at your local hardware/renovation centre
– Aim to get your money’s worth by ensuring that your renovation adds value. Improving a kitchen or adding a bathroom will have a greater impact than reducing the number of bedrooms or installing a pool. Making your home more energy efficient can also increase its value
– Find out about federal, provincial and municipal government programs that offer subsidies or tax credits for certain renovation
– Ensure that your renovation plans meet municipal/zoning bylaws and fire regulations

Assess your finances
– Secure your finances and establish a budget to work with before you start renovating
– Talk to your CIBC representative to discuss financing options and choose one that suits your personal needs

Find the right contractor
– Carefully research any professionals, tradespeople or contractors you hire to do the renovation. Ask friends, Interview a selection of contractors and ask for references
– Obtain written quotes from a few carefully selected contractors
– Review your contract prior to signing, and ensure it meets all specifications including warranties, start and completion dates, payment requirements, etc.
– Apply for a building permit if required

Moving forward
– If you plan to stay in your home during the renovation process, be prepared for the disruption and if possible
– Stay on top of the work being done, and discuss any problems with your contractor as soon as possible As the project reaches completion, ensure that it meets your standards and that all obligations have been met

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